Twisted Princess

  What if the tales we grew up with were twisted slightly...

Snow White wasn't going down without a fight...she won and took the Huntsman heart instead!

Arial caught Eric cheating on their wedding day.  She would rather cut her legs off and return to the sea than put up with Eric for the rest of her life! 

Belle refused to marry Gaston.  He made good on his promise that if he could have her no one would. He locked her up in an asylum and threw away the key.  She spends her days thinking of the beast singing Tale as Old as Time under her breath.

The evil step sisters locked Cinderella in the tower so the Prince would never find his true love.  While up there Gus Guswas getting "hangry" and needed a snack! Cinderelly's eyeball seemed to fit the bill!

Rapunzel went a little stir crazy in her tower living all by herself for years on end.  When the lovely prince finally found her, she accidently strangled the him in an attempt to bring him up the tower. Devastated she cut off all her hair and dragged the prince through the forest wrapped in her long locks. She wandered aimlessly through the woods for the rest of her days.