Star Wars Cosplay

Last spring I received an e-mail from a Prince Charming looking to have a photo-shoot done for his Princess.  Both are huge Disney fans.  The Princess in this story is an author and an avid cosplayer.  He wanted to make his Princess feel special and thought a session with Lady on Fire would fit the bill.  After a few messages and a lovely chat over coffee, the decision was made to go with a Star Wars Sith-like character.  She would be sexy, mysterious and confident!

The day of the photo-shoot we headed to the woods for some outdoor portraits.  Then we went back to the studio and started the make-up fun.  Just a little at first, then the battle scars followed by the blood!  While we all started out a little nervous, it finished with wine, laughs and a lot of excitement as we experimented with some fun techniques!  

 We ended up with some really fun shots and a happily ever after! 

As mentioned above Lucy is a published author.  She recently released her first novel, Magnetic Shift a"Slightly Paranormal Gearhead Romance For Young Adults" Check out her website for more details!

I would like to thank Tammy and Tina for their help with the Art Direction, Make-up and just for being awesome people!