Lashes and Staches #5

Welcome to the fifth installment of Lashes and Staches!  We are almost at or goal of 50 portraits in this series!! It now stands at 42 after this photoshoot! 12 people participated this time around, which was our biggest group yet, and they did not disappoint with their creative characters, backstories, and costumes! Lets meet our latest characters!

Amelia Fawnworth

She is the CEO of a fortune 500 company who travels the world. She is known for her bad-ass no nonsense approach.  When she's not working she is a sought after socialite!  You wish you were her!!

Karlah and Kohkoh Eggplant~ The Eggplant Sisters

They are visiting from Vancouver on an entrainment circuit.  They like to show off to their mainly male audiences their various "talents".  When not performing they like the simple things like drinking Merlo and reading a good book!

Castiel from Supernatual and Taryon Darrington from Critial Role

I was fortunate enough to have 2 semi-professional cosplayers and Instagram sensations   gabathegeek and super.rose.cosplay in da house! 


Ezekiel is a good ol' boy who has a secret...he wants to sparkle!!!


33 years old...was living with his mama and family back on the farm but got sick and dam tired of mama always whining and complaining trying to run his life. So he got some extra license and now drives trucks. Best part, meeting all kinds of nice ladies along the way.


Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Nothing more to say. I am Amy Winehouse


This is dedicated to my very devout catholic grandmother who still held a good sense of humour (not always outwardly), hoping this brings a smile to her face! ~ Josee

No introductions required... As a young child, my mother could not get me to take a bath (very similar to any other child I suppose), I would misbehave and stand on the water, I guess that is why we have showers today. I must have kept up this fascination with water as today, I like turning it into wine, not only to help those around me but it is a guilty pleasure as well. I wish nothing but well being to those around me and help out where I can. If you ever need an ark, let me know.. I Noah a guy.

Lil cute-tip

Cuts hair and throats. Been busting caps and eats babies. Sexy time, all the time. Works 80%, 100% of the time.

The Ukulele Man

Julian, aka The Ukulele Man, is known for his "unique" sound in the music world, his side swept hair, punk rock swagger, and being the original writer of Despacito. His song was stolen from him by typical pop artists and went viral, and ever since, he's never been the same. He is now an expert at playing the ukulele strings, and the ladies heart strings, while singing his emo teenage sound. 

Duane Farris

(This was the first time that someone dressed up as one of their friends, and the look-a-like surprised us with a visit! Clearly he needed to be included in the fun!)

Meet Duane~ I met Duane through a virtual running group. Through his posts, I knew right away we were one of the same. He is a compassionate soul that pushes himself. He goes through tough moments but always ends up making the world smile.

Lady on Fire Photography was doing her "Lashes and Staches" gender swap photoshoot. I could not think of a better human to try and emulate. We surprised Lady on Fire with an actual apperancr by Duane.

I would say we nailed it!!...
Xoxo Duane!!

I'm a fun loving guy that likes to make the world smile with my smile.  I love doing races to embrace the moment!

A big thank you to everyone whom has participated in this crazy project! 

If this something of interest to you or you have an idea for a future shoot, send us a message!

Star Wars Cosplay

Last spring I received an e-mail from a Prince Charming looking to have a photo-shoot done for his Princess.  Both are huge Disney fans.  The Princess in this story is an author and an avid cosplayer.  He wanted to make his Princess feel special and thought a session with Lady on Fire would fit the bill.  After a few messages and a lovely chat over coffee, the decision was made to go with a Star Wars Sith-like character.  She would be sexy, mysterious and confident!

The day of the photo-shoot we headed to the woods for some outdoor portraits.  Then we went back to the studio and started the make-up fun.  Just a little at first, then the battle scars followed by the blood!  While we all started out a little nervous, it finished with wine, laughs and a lot of excitement as we experimented with some fun techniques!  

 We ended up with some really fun shots and a happily ever after! 

As mentioned above Lucy is a published author.  She recently released her first novel, Magnetic Shift a"Slightly Paranormal Gearhead Romance For Young Adults" Check out her website for more details!

I would like to thank Tammy and Tina for their help with the Art Direction, Make-up and just for being awesome people!

3 Drinks 4 Portraits

4 very eager volunteers came to the studio Saturday evening ready to drink! The idea is to take a before portrait and each consecutive photo is after a glass of whatever they are drinking. From 6 to 8pm my subjects drank entire bottles of booze and/or 3 large beers! It made for a very funny evening of very personal chats, snorting (to which everyone had to drink) and plenty of laughing!

Clearly a photoshoot rarely happens without my sister. Her drink of choice was "Unicorn Sparkles" aka Astica Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina at 12%

This lovely lady was new to the Lady on Fire world and I love her!! She drank 3- 473ml Molson Canadian Beer at 5%

This gentleman was hard to crack. He could hold his booze! But became very chatty and affectionate with his wife after finishing his Moniack Mead Honey Wine 14.5%

This woman was hilarious! So happy drinking her Ruffino Prosecco Sparkling Wine 11%! She laughed, snorted and overshared in all the right ways!

They wanted a group shot after all the shenanigans! I wish I had thought to take a before shot! I love these photos!

Some outtakes for you to enjoy!! It was a really fun evening!! thank you all for being great sports and allowing me capture these moments!

1980's Yearbook Photos

We filled the studio with polyester, hairspray and neon colours for our edition of 1980's yearbook photos. Please enjoy this selection! if you'd like to see the full album click the link and have a "totally awesome" time checking them out!! We do special project like this a few times a year. For updates "Like" the Facebook page!

"We are the Youth Gone Wild"

"You are going to regret not dating me in high school"

"In 3 years my teeth are totally going to be like, Oh My God, so rad!"

"Of course I dress well, I didn't spend all the time in the closet for nothing!"

"Don't touch my scrunchie nerd...but I'll put out for a fanny pack!"

"Here I am, spank me like a hurricane" 

"Papa don't preach- I still graduated!"

"Seriously, I have better things to do!"

"I'm a material girl living in a material world"

"Make up looks pretty on the outside but it doesn't help if you are ugly on the inside unless you eat the make-up!

"Bless me Father for I have sinned"

"I want to get lost in your rock and roll!"

" If you like water you already like 72% of me"

A few of our 80's crew went to prom with spectaculars results! 

Circus Freaks

Last summer while getting ready for a photo shoot my art director and make-up artist were throwing around ideas for future shoots.  The idea of circus freaks came up and we ran with it.  Six months later we booked the Ottawa Youth Hostel Jail as our backdrop giving the portraits an asylum look.  We put a Facebook post asking for volunteers and the response was overwhelming!  13 circus freaks joined us adorned in full costumes and make-up of their choosing.  It was a flurry of activity for 5 hours and the results were amazing!  If you'd like to see the full album, please visit   Let's meet our Circus freaks! 

The Ringmaster

We can't have a circus freak theme and not have a Ringmaster! He came with a vintage vibe adorning a moustache, microphone, and a larger than life persona! Welcome to the show!

The Contortionist

Funny enough she was not very flexible.  We added the element of a cage to make her look more flexible and played with angles.

The Gypsy

She came prepared with her crystal ball, skulls, and gorgeous costume!

The Conjoined Twins

These ladies are joined at the torso. Up until recently they had been handing out treats during the shows.  One of sisters had enough and wanted a life of freedom and solitude.  So she decided to take matters into her "hand" and does away with her conjoined sister!

The Blockhead 

She came in with nails, drill bits, and a 100 year old ball peen hammer!  Without hesitation she started driving these sharp objects into her mouth and ears!

The Living Puppet

She arrived in make-up, had this fabulous mane of red hair, and long red nails, which I later learned were real! We set up a ladder so someone could hold her strings, then later she cut herself free.

The Strong Women

We had two lovely ladies be our strong women!  They made their own weights and had fantastic outfits. It didn't hurt that they were muscular too! I love the fun in these pictures!

The Conjoined Twin Convicts

These kids had a blast practicing walking as a pair.  Since we had a cage lying around I asked if we could put them in it, and the response was "please do"! Got to love adventurous people!

The Bearded Lady

She has a giant tattoo on her back that say's Circus! Clearly she was meant to be in this photoshoot and I couldn't have been happier that she wanted to be the bearded lady!

The Clown on Stilts

When I was told that a 9-foot-tall clown was coming to the shoot, I was very excited and terrified!  He was spectacular! 

At the end of the 5 hours and the constant back and forth of jail cells and lighting set ups, we were all tired but so very happy!  I could not have pulled this off without the incredible team I have and the fabulous volunteers who committed to this shoot like none other!  A big thank you to the Ottawa Youth Hostel for hosting us! Until the next adventure, keep being weird and fabulous!


I am not a fan of clowns, so when this project was suggested I was a little hesitant.  To my surprise, 15 volunteers jumped at the chance to be what I fear, a disturbing clown. The costuming and characters were all up to the participants and they did not disappoint!  After some fun studio shots, we headed out for more around town.  A few were taken at a local park and others at an abandoned train bridge.

Twisted Princess

  What if the tales we grew up with were twisted slightly...

Snow White wasn't going down without a fight...she won and took the Huntsman heart instead!

Arial caught Eric cheating on their wedding day.  She would rather cut her legs off and return to the sea than put up with Eric for the rest of her life! 

Belle refused to marry Gaston.  He made good on his promise that if he could have her no one would. He locked her up in an asylum and threw away the key.  She spends her days thinking of the beast singing Tale as Old as Time under her breath.

The evil step sisters locked Cinderella in the tower so the Prince would never find his true love.  While up there Gus Guswas getting "hangry" and needed a snack! Cinderelly's eyeball seemed to fit the bill!

Rapunzel went a little stir crazy in her tower living all by herself for years on end.  When the lovely prince finally found her, she accidently strangled the him in an attempt to bring him up the tower. Devastated she cut off all her hair and dragged the prince through the forest wrapped in her long locks. She wandered aimlessly through the woods for the rest of her days.

Sesame Street

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Sesame Street Characters after they grew up?  Where are they now? Look no further!


Elmo took his fame from Elmos world and his love of colouring to the world of Graffitii. He is sought after around the world for his tagging style!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster became a shopping channel guru with his "Skinny Cookies". He wanted to get on the health bandwagon but didn't want to give up cookies.  He came up with a skinny cookie and it now a multi-millionaire!  

The Count

The Count is a Wall Street money manager.  He can count all day!  He manages his good friend Cookie Monsters cookie empire!

The Grouch

Sesame Street started a recycling program and kicked the Grouch out of town.  He now lives a comfortable life hoarding his goods in a storage locker.

Big Bird

Big Bird is a You Tube internet sensation when she and Pitbull collaborated on a remix of the ABC song.  She now lives in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park.


Ernie still enjoys his bubble baths and rubber ducky but enjoys them more with a martini!  He makes a comfortable living selling prints of the now famous painting of his buddy Bert! 


Bert is a motivational speaker in the birding community.  He love spreading the word of bird to anyone who will listen.  He autographs paintings of himself that his buddie Ernie painted after each speaking engagement. He and Bernice the pigeon live next door to Ernie in New York City

Lashes and Staches

Lashes and Staches started as a 30 day photo challenge project in which I had to do a self portrait as the opposite sex.  The persona of Looch became a prominent figure in my photography and inspiration for Lashes and Staches.  I put forth a project to get 50 images of men, woman and/or children dressed as the opposite sex. This continues to be a volunteer project for Lady on Fire. The participants create their character and make their own costumes. We in turn take the portraits and give them an experience like no other!  As this project moves forward you may wish to participate, please use the "Contact" page to enquire.