Lisa Tolmie- Photographer

I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. In between being a busy wife, mother and career woman, there has always been photography. What began as a hobby, chronicling my life with my family and friends, evolved into a passion and my heart's work.

My evolution as a photographer took the route of a degree in Fine Arts, cabinet making and floral design. Creativity is as much a part of my identity as is the colour of my eyes. It could not be helped!

Through time and various creative pursuits, I began to realize that photography was a language I easily understood and expressed. It is my calling. I am continuously growing and improving on my art through many classes. I am also blessed with a husband and daughters who are ready (though occasionally unwilling) models who inspire me daily and allow me the freedom to experiment.

I am a "Jill of all trades". I can build furniture, bake cookies, run a table saw, sew, paint, redesign and remodel a home from floor to ceiling, build a deck, arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cook a five course meal. I like to think that all of that diversity is reflected in my pictures through the use of interesting angles, lighting and outside the box thinking.

Run of the mill is not what I am about. There is a bit of an electric undercurrent in my work, as there is with me. After all, I am Lady on Fire....

Tina Beaudry- Theatrical Make-Up Artist

How this came to be was all accidental actually. About ten years ago, my son wanted me to face paint him for Halloween, so I did. However, my son ended up having an allergic reaction to the products, so I decided to search for something better. I found a boutique that sold arts and craft products, including all kinds of hypo-allergenic face painting products; I bought myself some brushes and sponges, and started experimenting on my children, nieces and nephews. I very quickly realized that I loved doing it. It wasn’t long before I was asked to volunteer at various events, which is what essentially lead to me being asked to face paint at birthday parties and for Halloween.

I have many years of experience with face painting and really enjoy transforming people into something magical, creepy or whimsical, whether it is a butterfly, a sugar skull, Spiderman, creepy clown or Zombie; I love seeing the reaction of people once they look in the mirror and become the character that I created on their face. I’ve seen the most reserved of people let out a snarl to the camera on more than one occasion after having their face painted.

I also enjoy maternity belly painting, and have done a few body paintings. I’ve experimented with latex as way to make a scar or cut look more realistic on the face, and have plenty of experience working with fake blood. I never thought that face painting would become to me what it has today. I love the artistry, the imagination and expression of emotions that it brings to me and the client.

Tammy Murdock- Artistic Director

Every great photographer needs a coordinator to have a session go smoothly. Tammy is also a seasoned photographer that adds a second pair of eyes to cross the t's and dot the i's.

Tammy has a sixth sense to tilt a head just so or to reposition the sitter in order to change the look or feel of a photo. She's not afraid to suggest something different to "get the shot". She is able to feel the pulse of a shoot and keep it moving along perfectly in order to meet time constraints.

She's the last piece of the puzzle that completes Lady On Fire Photography!