3 Drinks 4 Portraits

4 very eager volunteers came to the studio Saturday evening ready to drink! The idea is to take a before portrait and each consecutive photo is after a glass of whatever they are drinking. From 6 to 8pm my subjects drank entire bottles of booze and/or 3 large beers! It made for a very funny evening of very personal chats, snorting (to which everyone had to drink) and plenty of laughing!

Clearly a photoshoot rarely happens without my sister. Her drink of choice was "Unicorn Sparkles" aka Astica Sauvignon Blanc from Argentina at 12%

This lovely lady was new to the Lady on Fire world and I love her!! She drank 3- 473ml Molson Canadian Beer at 5%

This gentleman was hard to crack. He could hold his booze! But became very chatty and affectionate with his wife after finishing his Moniack Mead Honey Wine 14.5%

This woman was hilarious! So happy drinking her Ruffino Prosecco Sparkling Wine 11%! She laughed, snorted and overshared in all the right ways!

They wanted a group shot after all the shenanigans! I wish I had thought to take a before shot! I love these photos!

Some outtakes for you to enjoy!! It was a really fun evening!! thank you all for being great sports and allowing me capture these moments!