Sesame Street

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Sesame Street Characters after they grew up?  Where are they now? Look no further!


Elmo took his fame from Elmos world and his love of colouring to the world of Graffitii. He is sought after around the world for his tagging style!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster became a shopping channel guru with his "Skinny Cookies". He wanted to get on the health bandwagon but didn't want to give up cookies.  He came up with a skinny cookie and it now a multi-millionaire!  

The Count

The Count is a Wall Street money manager.  He can count all day!  He manages his good friend Cookie Monsters cookie empire!

The Grouch

Sesame Street started a recycling program and kicked the Grouch out of town.  He now lives a comfortable life hoarding his goods in a storage locker.

Big Bird

Big Bird is a You Tube internet sensation when she and Pitbull collaborated on a remix of the ABC song.  She now lives in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park.


Ernie still enjoys his bubble baths and rubber ducky but enjoys them more with a martini!  He makes a comfortable living selling prints of the now famous painting of his buddy Bert! 


Bert is a motivational speaker in the birding community.  He love spreading the word of bird to anyone who will listen.  He autographs paintings of himself that his buddie Ernie painted after each speaking engagement. He and Bernice the pigeon live next door to Ernie in New York City