Lashes and Staches #5

Welcome to the fifth installment of Lashes and Staches!  We are almost at or goal of 50 portraits in this series!! It now stands at 42 after this photoshoot! 12 people participated this time around, which was our biggest group yet, and they did not disappoint with their creative characters, backstories, and costumes! Lets meet our latest characters!

Amelia Fawnworth

She is the CEO of a fortune 500 company who travels the world. She is known for her bad-ass no nonsense approach.  When she's not working she is a sought after socialite!  You wish you were her!!

Karlah and Kohkoh Eggplant~ The Eggplant Sisters

They are visiting from Vancouver on an entrainment circuit.  They like to show off to their mainly male audiences their various "talents".  When not performing they like the simple things like drinking Merlo and reading a good book!

Castiel from Supernatual and Taryon Darrington from Critial Role

I was fortunate enough to have 2 semi-professional cosplayers and Instagram sensations   gabathegeek and super.rose.cosplay in da house! 


Ezekiel is a good ol' boy who has a secret...he wants to sparkle!!!


33 years old...was living with his mama and family back on the farm but got sick and dam tired of mama always whining and complaining trying to run his life. So he got some extra license and now drives trucks. Best part, meeting all kinds of nice ladies along the way.


Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Nothing more to say. I am Amy Winehouse


This is dedicated to my very devout catholic grandmother who still held a good sense of humour (not always outwardly), hoping this brings a smile to her face! ~ Josee

No introductions required... As a young child, my mother could not get me to take a bath (very similar to any other child I suppose), I would misbehave and stand on the water, I guess that is why we have showers today. I must have kept up this fascination with water as today, I like turning it into wine, not only to help those around me but it is a guilty pleasure as well. I wish nothing but well being to those around me and help out where I can. If you ever need an ark, let me know.. I Noah a guy.

Lil cute-tip

Cuts hair and throats. Been busting caps and eats babies. Sexy time, all the time. Works 80%, 100% of the time.

The Ukulele Man

Julian, aka The Ukulele Man, is known for his "unique" sound in the music world, his side swept hair, punk rock swagger, and being the original writer of Despacito. His song was stolen from him by typical pop artists and went viral, and ever since, he's never been the same. He is now an expert at playing the ukulele strings, and the ladies heart strings, while singing his emo teenage sound. 

Duane Farris

(This was the first time that someone dressed up as one of their friends, and the look-a-like surprised us with a visit! Clearly he needed to be included in the fun!)

Meet Duane~ I met Duane through a virtual running group. Through his posts, I knew right away we were one of the same. He is a compassionate soul that pushes himself. He goes through tough moments but always ends up making the world smile.

Lady on Fire Photography was doing her "Lashes and Staches" gender swap photoshoot. I could not think of a better human to try and emulate. We surprised Lady on Fire with an actual apperancr by Duane.

I would say we nailed it!!...
Xoxo Duane!!

I'm a fun loving guy that likes to make the world smile with my smile.  I love doing races to embrace the moment!

A big thank you to everyone whom has participated in this crazy project! 

If this something of interest to you or you have an idea for a future shoot, send us a message!