Last summer while getting ready for a photo shoot my art director and make-up artist were throwing around ideas for future shoots.  The idea of circus freaks came up and we ran with it.  Six months later we booked the Ottawa Youth Hostel Jail as our backdrop giving the portraits an asylum look.  We put a Facebook post asking for volunteers and the response was overwhelming!  13 circus freaks joined us adorned in full costumes and make-up of their choosing.  It was a flurry of activity for 5 hours and the results were amazing!  If you'd like to see the full album, please visit   Let's meet our Circus freaks! 

The Ringmaster

We can't have a circus freak theme and not have a Ringmaster! He came with a vintage vibe adorning a moustache, microphone, and a larger than life persona! Welcome to the show!

The Contortionist

Funny enough she was not very flexible.  We added the element of a cage to make her look more flexible and played with angles.

The Gypsy

She came prepared with her crystal ball, skulls, and gorgeous costume!

The Conjoined Twins

These ladies are joined at the torso. Up until recently they had been handing out treats during the shows.  One of sisters had enough and wanted a life of freedom and solitude.  So she decided to take matters into her "hand" and does away with her conjoined sister!

The Blockhead 

She came in with nails, drill bits, and a 100 year old ball peen hammer!  Without hesitation she started driving these sharp objects into her mouth and ears!

The Living Puppet

She arrived in make-up, had this fabulous mane of red hair, and long red nails, which I later learned were real! We set up a ladder so someone could hold her strings, then later she cut herself free.

The Strong Women

We had two lovely ladies be our strong women!  They made their own weights and had fantastic outfits. It didn't hurt that they were muscular too! I love the fun in these pictures!

The Conjoined Twin Convicts

These kids had a blast practicing walking as a pair.  Since we had a cage lying around I asked if we could put them in it, and the response was "please do"! Got to love adventurous people!

The Bearded Lady

She has a giant tattoo on her back that say's Circus! Clearly she was meant to be in this photoshoot and I couldn't have been happier that she wanted to be the bearded lady!

The Clown on Stilts

When I was told that a 9-foot-tall clown was coming to the shoot, I was very excited and terrified!  He was spectacular! 

At the end of the 5 hours and the constant back and forth of jail cells and lighting set ups, we were all tired but so very happy!  I could not have pulled this off without the incredible team I have and the fabulous volunteers who committed to this shoot like none other!  A big thank you to the Ottawa Youth Hostel for hosting us! Until the next adventure, keep being weird and fabulous!